NeoCrop Technologies is working with one of the most consumed crops in the world. Wheat provides 20% of the daily calories and protein in people's diets, and covers more than 200 million hectares globally. This crop also constitutes a market that has great relevance in the Chilean agricultural economy, being strongly concentrated in the southern regions. Despite this, around 40% of the demand for wheat in Chile must be imported, coming mainly from Argentina, the United States and Canada, so the demand for this crop is vital for Chile and the world.

Wheat is the third most planted cereal in the world and the first in the case of Chile, and it is also the basic ingredient of bread, a product where the country has the second highest consumption in the world with 90 kilos per capita, and of pasta, with a consumption of 9.4 kilos per capita and 5th place overall. Another feature of initial interest aims to offer a pragmatic solution to the low fiber consumption in Chile through the generation of high-fiber wheat. For us, healthy food is the basis for a better life and with our technological platform we can contribute to generating healthier and more nutritious crops.

Considering the remarkable amount of areas planted with wheat, and existing regulations for the use of genetic editing in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, we also offer to apply our technologies to their local germplasms in order to solve the most urgent problems of each country. It is necessary to adjust the genetic improvement scheme with the implementation of these new technologies to achieve new varieties in record time.