A Startup based on science and technology, which modernizes the breeding of agri-food crops and contributes to the development of new seeds that allow the generation of crops that are more resilient to constant climate change, more friendly to the environment, more nutritious and achieving higher yields. Agriculture faces great challenges, and we seek to be part of the solution from Latin America, one of the main suppliers of food to the world.

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Plant breeding of the 21st century: We combine the most advanced technologies in gene editing, speed breeding and artificial intelligence to revolutionize and accelerate traditional breeding programs. Our approach is applied particularly in wheat and has great potential to be adapted to vegetables, fruit trees, and other crops of interest. We need to develop new and better crops to face the challenges of agriculture in less time and at a lower cost than existing methods.

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Natural, fast and accurate method: Our platform integrates technologies obtained from nature itself, such as genetic editing through CRISPR / Cas9, which allows inducing an advantageous characteristic in a crop without affecting the rest of its genome, nor adding foreign DNA (non-transgenic). We are also developing software to predict candidate genes for gene editing and automated speed-breeding camera systems. A synergy that makes it possible to cut new variety development programs in half, bringing state-of-the-art science to the field.

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Feeding Chile and the World: We are moved by the purpose of contributing to the global challenge of increasing by 50% the productivity of food crops by  2050. We also seek to contribute to better nutrition and face climate challenges - in Chile half soil has been lost through erosion and droughts are getting worse. This motivates us to develop new nutritious, more resilient and sustainable crops. We want to deliver "Made in Chile" solutions for the country and the world.

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We focus on wheat, one of the most important crops globally and the most widely planted cereal in Chile. Due to climate change issues, one of the most interesting features to improve in this crop is tolerance to environmental stresses. On the other hand, wheat is the main ingredient in bread, a product where Chile has the second highest consumption in the world with 90 kilos per capita, and pasta, with a consumption of 9.4 kilos per capita (5th place overall). This leads us to offer a pragmatic solution to the low fiber consumption in the county through a healthier high fiber wheat.

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PoTENTIAL IN latinamErica

Considering the important amount of areas planted with wheat, and existing regulations for the use of genetic editing in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, we also offer to apply our technologies to their local germplasms in order to solve the most urgent problems of each country with products created in record time.


The ability to generate diversity supports our approach to improve and generate the crops of tomorrow, this is achieved by combining skills and innovative ideas from several disciplines. Our founding team has experience in different areas of knowledge such as molecular biology, agricultural biotechnology, crop physiology, genetic editing, speed breeding, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, big data and data science, software development, biotechnology regulations, communication and scientific dissemination. This combination of disciplines allows us as a team to exponentially expand our capacity for innovation.

Francisca Castillo

CEO & Research Director,

Biochemist, Ph.D in Agricultural Sciences (Universidad Austral de Chile).

Daniel Norero

COO, Biochemistry studies, Diploma in Agricultural Biotechnology and Science Communication (Cornell University, USA).

sebastian Castillo

CTO, Computer Science and Engineering,  Master of IT, in Artificial Intelligence (University of New South Wales, Australia).

Scientific Advisory team


 PhD. in Agricultural Science

Claudia Stange

.Bioquímica, PhD. en Ciencias Biológicas, mención Genética Molecular y Microbiología

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