Biotechnological services

Acceleration of traditional genetic improvement through molecular markers.

We use molecular markers that allow early assistance to traditional breeding programs, focused on the required traits of interest.

Speed Breeding: Acceleration of generations and multiplication of seeds, without the need for counter-season.

Through speed-breeding in automated chambers, where we provide the optimal environmental conditions for the growth of a plant, we achieve annual crop harvests in record time. For example, in wheat we harvest in just 2 months, achieving 5 to 6 generations per year. We can also accelerate the development of fruit crops in record time.

Development of tailored biotechnological solutions for problems and bottlenecks in the forestry, agricultural and other industries.

Biotechnological tools are not only applicable to agricultural problems. Other industries such as the forestry, fruit, salmon feeding or phytoremediation sectors can also benefit from our gene discovery platform, molecular markers or genome editing services.