Improving Seeds for a better future

As a agro-biotech startup we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to face the agri-food challenges of this century, applying cutting-edge technologies such as gene editing (non-gmo):
We create super seeds that achieve greater resilience to climate challenges, disease-resistant, reducing or avoiding the use of pesticides, and providing better nutrition that starts from the seed to our tables.

We are a technological partner for companies in the seed industry (public/private), institutions or R&D centers in plant sciences, fruit and forestry industries.

Development of new crop varieties using precision genetic breeding

We use cutting-edge technologies such as CRISPR gene editing (Non-GMO), accelerated growth chambers, and proprietary gene selection software, to create Super Seeds in record time, between 4 to 5 years.

Other services

Molecular biomarkers

We accelerate traditional genetic improvement through discovery and design of new molecular markers and/or applying existing ones.

Acceleration of crop generations
Speed ​​Breeding

We reduce the time for new generations of crops and seed multiplication by up to 1/3, without the need for counter-season.

Biotechnological solutions in the forestry and agricultural sector

We develop tailored biotechnological solutions for problems and bottlenecks in the forestry-agricultural industry.

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